steve.johnson2007Dr. Steve Johnson, Director
Dr. Johnson is a professor in the School of Materials Science and Engineering and also in the School of Mechanical Engineering. He is the Director of Georgia Tech's Composites Education and Research Center (CERC) and the Associate Director of the Mechanical Properties Research Laboratory (MPRL).
     He has over thirty years of experience studying failure mechanisms in a wide range of  material systems for aeronautical, space and naval applications. He has pioneered several life predictive methodologies for metallics, bonded structures and metal matrix  composites. From 1979 to joining Georgia Tech in June 1994, Dr. Johnson was employed at the NASA Langley Research Center as a Senior Scientist. He led several research teams during that period. During the last four years he led the Material  Durability Program for the High Speed Civil Transport (HSCT) and served as Principal Investigator for developing life prediction methodologies to be employed on the National AeroSpace Plane (NASP). These programs were charged with developing life predictive methodology and assessing the long term durability of materials to be used on these very advanced aircraft.

Aerospace Engineering

Olivier Bauchau
Sathya Hanagud
Dewey Hodges
George Kardomateas
Andrew Makeev
Massimo Ruzzene

Mechanical Engineering

Mohammed Cherkaoui
Jonathan Colton
Kyriaki Kalaitzidou
David McDowell
Richard Neu
Jianmin Qu
Min Zhou
Ting Zhu


Polymer, Textiles & Fiber Engineering

Karl Jacob
Satish Kumar
Meisha L. Shofner
Yonathan S. Thio
Youjiang Wang
Donggang Yao


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